A New Stock Market Simulator From The Minds Behind Hollywood Stock Exchange

The stock market is not for everyone. You might not have the money to invest, you might be scared that you will loose all of your money or you just might not know how to do it. What would you do if I told you that you could practice forĀ software for teaching marketing free before you risked any of your money? You can by using stock market simulation programs. It is more like a game where you get to use virtual money to invest in the real stock market. You will be able to see the real results that you would have had as if it was real money. Depending on the outcome, it might either encourage or discourage you from entering the real market.

To find a stock market simulation, just do a Google search for “stock market simulation”. You will probably have to look around some to find one that suits you. While there are simulation games that you have to pay for, there are plenty that are free. If you are a very competitive person, you can even find fantasy stock simulation leagues just like fantasy baseball or football.

Once you find a simulation that you want to join and register, you will be given a sum of “virtual” money. The amount varies from program to program. After you get your money, you are ready to trade. You can buy and sell stocks and your gains and losses will be calculated by the simulation program. Depending on which simulation that you enter, there might be contests (with real prizes) between all of those playing the simulation.

It would be a huge plus if the game/league that you joined had some sort of a user forum. You can find tips and tricks there that will not only help you with the simulation, but can also transfer over to your real stock investing if you decide to go for the real thing after working with the simulation.

Just a quick note: just because you do well with your simulation, does not mean that you will do well in the real stock market. Don’t invest your money if you cannot afford to loose it all.

Jeff McKinstry is a computer programmer that is trying to be funny and entertain people in his spare time. His wife might not think so though.

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