Fan Theories About Up Coming GOT Season 8


Season 7 of Game of Thrones hit fans with more fights, passing, and sentiment than conceivably some other season yet. From recognizing that Jon is a Targaryen to implying at Sam as George R.R. Martin’s fictional self, Season 7 has been suspiciously great to its fans. However, what will follow in the last season? This is what fans foresee up until this point.

Melisandre will bring Viserion Back

By far, the Night King murdering Viserion, and later transforming him into the simple first White Walker winged serpent, was the most appalling passing in Game of Thrones Season 7. The Mother of Dragons was obviously crushed when Viserion kicked the bucket, however all expectation probably won’t be lost for the mother and child/winged serpent to reunite. One Reddit client’s mother has a hypothesis that Viserion might recollect its mom—with a little assistance from Melisandre. As indicated by the hypothesis, Daenerys will utilize her mom winged serpent bond with Viserion to stir his faithfulness to her and “break the Night King’s spell.” Then the Red Woman will bring the mythical beast resurrected.

Yara Will Ask???

It was really disillusioning when Euron held Yara at knifepoint on the Greyjoy pontoon and Theon hopped ship instead of endeavoring to encourage her. In the Season 7 finale, Theon made up for himself with the assistance of the Drowned God, so it’s conceivable he will pursue his sister to attempt and spare her. But Reddit client This_The_Last_Time thinks Euron may subject his niece to “Reek”- like conditions, making Yara feel more powerless and vanquished than any other time in recent memory.

While it’s conceivable Theon may go on a voyage to protect his sister from these horrendous conditions she’s reasonable being exposed to, it’s additionally conceivable Yara never again needs his assistance. Contingent upon what has happened to her so far as Euron’s slave, Yara may request that her sibling put her out of her hopelessness with the goal that she doesn’t need to endure as he did in his “Smell” state. We truly trust this hypothesis doesn’t work out.

Cersei Will Killed by Jaime

In view of the valonqar hypothesis, numerous fans have speculated over the years that Jaime is bound to murder his twin sister, Cersei, and stop the Mad Queen as he did the Mad King before her. On the show, Cersei receives a prescience from Maggy the Frog as a youngster. It states she will wed the lord, progress toward becoming ruler, have three youngsters, and watch every one of them kick the bucket. In the books, it goes further, foreseeing Cersei will pass on by the hands of “the valonqar.” With the initial three sections of the prescience satisfied, it makes sense that the last part likely worked out as expected on the show. Valonqar signifies “younger sibling” in Valyrian.

While it’s conceivable this obligation could even now go to Tyrion, the numerous hypotheses encompassing this current prediction suggest Jaime’s storyline is substantially more fitting for the job of valonqar. He is nearer to Cersei and has more alone time with her than any other person. In the event that he sees his sister/sweetheart is taking her capacity excessively far, he’ll be in the ideal position to bring her down, similarly as he did with AerysTargaryen to save the city from consuming with out of control fire. This will, obviously, require Jaime to have the valor to bring down the individual he adores most on the planet.


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