Fun, Easy Science Experiments for Kids

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You want your kids to have fun, but also want to expand their minds. What’s a parent to do? How about a few easy science projects that are simple to recreate? Your kids will love the hands-on experience and you can feel good about getting them involved in an activity that will have them learning (without the kids even realizing it). Here are five easy science projects for you and your kids. Try one of them on a rainy afternoon or anytime the kids are looking for something fun to do.

Grow Crystals

Crystals can be quite fascinating. We are constantly surrounded by them from simple table salt and sugar, to the graphite in your pencil. Of course there are also more famous crystals like precious stones and diamond. You can grow some fascinating salt crystals yourself. All you need are water, salt and some time.

Start by making a salt solution. Fill a cup with warm water and continue to add salt to it until the water can absorb no additional salt. You know you have reached this stage when the salt just drops to the bottom of the cup.

Pour a little of the salt water on a saucer and leave it sitting in a warm spot. As the water evaporates, the salt crystals will start to form. Continue to pour a little more of the saltwater on the saucer and the existing crystals and watch them grow.

Water Tension

Have you ever watched small insects walk on water? This is possible because of water tension. Here are two simple experiments that will demonstrate water tension. All you need is a glass, water, a paperclip and several pennies.

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