The Best Social Sharing Plugin For WordPress With Discount Coupon Code

Social sharing wordpress plugin is very important for the social presence of the website. Social signal of a website matters a lot in ranking. You can’t  imagine good ranking of website without social media presence So, I’ll recommend you to use social sharing plugin.

It is a fact that we can’t give specific time to these social media profiles for their growth so social sharing plugin is the best tool which can be used for it.

Overview of Social Warfare Social Sharing WordPress Plugin:


Social warfare Plugin is the social sharing WP plugin which allows users to share the post on the social media profiles with a single click. Through this social sharing plugin you can place widgets and amazing sharing buttons on your website anywhere you want.

Social warfare is the premium wordpress plugin with the 8 default shapes and color scheme. You can check its review right over here.

If you want to change social buttons according to the theme of your website then you can use CSS styling. You can customize the style of buttons of the social sharing buttons according to your desire.

As per SEO tactics sociaal warfare developers has made this plugin very lightso, that It will never let your web page down. It is very faster in performance and works very speedily.

If you are a developer and you have made a custom CMS like WordPress and you want to use social warfare according to your coding skills then you can use it because It is developer friendly.

Social warfare plugin allow users to share images on the Pinterest. A user can customize the title description or image of the post in the sharer of the post. While sharing you can preview the sharer of the post.


Additional Features of Social Warfare Social Sharing Plugin:


Social warfare plugin allow it’s user to post the custom tweets on the twitter and authorship will be added as a credit automatically. If you have published post in quote format then the post will be shared in the form of quote with the citation. While sharing the images of the post will be larger in size which are probably known as twitter cards.

Social warfare plugin has a feature of popular posts which shows posts in ranking according to the number of shares. If the post of your website has larger number of shares then the post will be on the top. You can display the popular posts as a widget.

The social warfare social sharing plugin is very responsive in nature, It can be displayed responsively on every screen, no matter, what size of device you are using It will show it’s functionalities smoothly.

This WordPress plugin has functionality of tracking, If your posts are getting click than they can be tracked easily with the integration of Google analytics which helps you to track visitors.

In case if you change the permalink of the post and you loss number of shares then in that case you can recover the number of shares.

Social Sharing Social Warfare Plugin For WordPress With Discount Coupon Code:

If you want this plugin then I’ll recommend you to buy this plugin on discount coupon code. If you will buy social warfare plugin on regular price then It will be very expensive as compared to discount coupon offer.


In discount coupon code, the social sharing plugin will be in very low price and you can enjoy with all the features and functionalities.


Are you thinking about the features? No you don’t need to be worried because the features will not be compromised, In discount coupon code you’ll be asked to add the code while purchasing and the price will be reduced. You can get the plugin in very low price.




  • You can display your social sharing buttons on every place of your website or blog. The sharing buttons can be customized easily. The shape or color of the social sharing buttons can be changed and they are probably available in 8 variant types. Through this plugin you’ll be able to choose the ascent color for your social sharing buttons too.
  • Actually social proof is the feature which basically counts the number of shares of the posts and it stores. You can recover the number of shares of the specific post whenever you want. For Example: If you lost social proof of your articles then you can recover article’s counts It is also a superb feature of social warfare WordPress Plugin.
  • As you know today without SEO, site is nothing so, as per SEO key elements, website load time takes a lot of importance. Social warfare WordPress plugin takes care of it and It is very light in weight.
  • If you’re a article writer and you want to be mentioned in credit while sharing so, for you, social warfare WordPress plugin launched this feature, In which the writer will be mentioned on his article while sharing.
  • Bitley is one of the most popular link shortener so you can use their credientials in this plugin to shorten your all entire links automatically.
  • As I’ve mentioned link shortening feature above so do you know that bitley link shortener allows users to track the number of clicks on links and posts.
  • Number of clicks on the links can be tracked easily with the link shortner. For further tracking Google Analytics Api is used in social warfare plugin to track the system and region of the clicks.

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